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Solity GG-33B Digital Smart Glasss Door Lock

Solity GG-33B Digital Smart Glasss Door Lock

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Solity GG-33B Digital Smart Glasss Door Lock Lowest Price


  • 4 Types of authentication method
  • Fingerprint, Passcode, Bluetooth/ Wifi (Optional)
  • Fingerprint with fast & accurate fingerprint recognition (0.9 sec)
  • Auto rotating digital screen to left or right side
  • Chime bell
  • Splash resistant / High temperature detection feature
  • Free installation
  • 2 Year local warranty

Solity GG-33B Digital Smart Glasss Door Lock Best Price

Safety Features :

  • Fake Passcode Function
  • Roting Deadbolt
  • High Temperature Detection & Fire Alarm Detection
  • Electric Shock Neutralisation
  • Internal Double Lock Function
  • External Double Lock Function
  • Intrusion & Breakage Alarm
  • Lock Function to Prevent Mischief

Convenience Function :

  • Silent Function
  • Automatic Keypad Direction Recognition
  • Volume Setting
  • Water Resistant
  • Automatic & Manual Setting
  • Built in Chime
  • Voice Guided
  • Battery Replacement Notifications
  • Smart Iot

Smart Features

  • Quickly and Safely Unlock with Fingerprint Recognition GG-33B Smart Glass Lock Innovative Design, Where Style and Safety Meet Smart Security Solution, The First Technology
  • Auto Rotating Digital Screen To Left Or Right Side With a function that automatically recognizes left and right glass doors, the keypad screen is automatically set when the glass lock is installed according to the door direction.
  • Easy Entry & Exit For Customers Always Open Door Function When setting the manual lock, the door does not automatically lock when opened and closed, making it convenient for customers to enter and exit.
  • Notifies Customers of Entry & Exit Chime Function The melody that plays every time the door opens allows you to check the entrance and exit of customers in various stores and commercial offices.
  • Fingerprint unlocking in 0.9 seconds Fast Fingerprint Recognition This eliminates the need for keys or passcodes, offering a hassle-free experience. GG-33B glass lock ensures high security levels by using advanced fingerprint recognition technology.
  • Clip Strike For Double Leaf Glass Door Clip strike to suit Solity GG-33B smart glass lock to allow use on double leaf glass door. The clip style attachment makes for easy installation as no drilling is required.
  • Intrusion and Vandalism Alarm SOLITY It detects forced damage and abnormal intrusion and generates a strong alarm sound.
  • Prevent Fingerprint Exposure There is no risk of your password being leaked by your fingerprint remaining on the keypad by pressing random numbers before or after the password. How To Use Fake Number System
  • Smart Solity Support
  • Smart opening solution
  • Smart key sharing
  • Visitor and user
  • management
  • Real-time usage
  • history inquiry
  • Visitor key issuance
  • Door lock settings
  • Electric shock Neutralization Function This is a sturdy door lock that is equipped with a high voltage prevention circuit and is not neutralized by electric shock devices or high-voltage devices.
  • High Temperature Detection Fire Safety Opening and Closing 88 Abnormally high temperatures (above 55°C) are monitored. The automatic door opening function operates with an alarm sound
  • Water Splash Resistant The water splash resistant has been applied to increase durability when exposed to the external environment.

Solity GG-33B Smart Glass Door Lock Product Specifications

Installation Conditions

  • Tempered Glass Door : Glass thickness 8-12mm
  • Smart App : Bluetooth & Wi-Fi (Optional)

Types of unlock method

  • Passcode : 4 to 12 digits (1 master password, up to 3 user password)
  • Fingerprint : Up to 50 can be registered


  • Outdoor : 77x 173 × 20mm
  • Indoor : 77 × 190 x 47mm

Rated Voltage

  • DC 6V : 1.5V 'AA' Alkaline Batteries (LR6)

Emergency Power

  • DC 9V : Alkaline batteries (6LF22) *Sold separately*

Optional Accessories

  • Remote Control : Wi-Fi Dongle

Product Component

  • User's Guide
  • 'AA' Batteries
  • Screw
  • Installation Manual
  • Construction Paper
  • Alarm Sticker
  • Bluetooth (Optional)
  • Wi-Fi Dongle (Optional)
  • Clip Strike (Optional)
  • Components may be changed due to installation environment